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Sluice gate hydraulics in open channel

A sluice gate is an undershoot gate used to regulate an open channel. Upstream of the gate, the flow is subcritical, and it is supercritical downstream. The flow passes through critical flow conditions as the water accelerates beneath the gate.
The sluice gate is a seminal test case for the application of the Bernoulli and momentum principles in an integral form. If the upstream depth d1 and discharge Q are known, the Bernoulli equation gives a cubic equation in terms of the downstream flow depth d2 which may be solved graphically, analytically, numerically or by trial-and error. When the upstream and downstream depths and velocities are known, the momentum equation gives the force of the gate on the control volume. The Force of the fluid flow on the gate is equal in magnitude but with an opposite direction, i.e. in the downstream direction.
Hubert Chanson.

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Hubert Chanson
Hubert Chanson
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