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Sillon de Talbert – France (4)

Sillon de Talbert - France (4)


Sillon de Talbert, Pleubian, Côtes d'Armor (Bretagne, France). Preferential flows below protection riprap near start of Sillon, NW slope at low tide on 16/04/2004. The Sillon du Talbert is a natural thin 3 km long tongue made of 'galets' (pebbles about 5 to 20 cm) and sand. It is located at the tip of a peninsula between the estuaries of the river Jaudy (Le Jaudy) et Trieux (Le Trieux) next to Ile de Bréhat. At the end of the Sillon, there is an archipel of islands and rocks called "Archipel d'Ollone" (Ollone archipel), also called the Talbert islands (Iles de Talbert) for local people. The Sillon du Talbert (or Sillon de Talbert) is an important reserve of flora and fauna. The Sillon was damaged by locals using stones for construction until 1928, the German using stones for the Ile Blanche (et Ile à Bois?) bunker system construction in 1943 as part of the Atlantic wall.


Hubert Chanson, Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia

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