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Pertusillo dam – Italy (4)

Pertusillo dam - Italy (4)


Pertusillo dam (Italy, 1961). Mid-level outlet steep chute and ski jump, looking downstream on 17 Feb. 2004.

Arched gravity concrete dam: stability by a combination of gravity and arch
Arch opening angle: 116 deg., H = 95 m, L = 270 m, e = 3.50 m, E = 42 m
Catchment: 530 km2
Reservoir capacity: 155 Mm3
River: Fiume Agri
Purpose: flood control, hydropower and drinking water supply (for Taranto, Bari ...)
Spillway system: tunnel spillway on left bank


17 Feb. 2004


Hubert Chanson, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia

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