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Pedrogao dam, Moura (Portugal, 2006) (1)

Pedrogao dam, Moura (Portugal, 2006) (1)


Completed in March 2006, the Pedrogao dam is a RCC gravity dam (H = 43 m, L = 473 m) with an uncontrolled overflow stepped spillway (h = 0.6 m, 1V:0.75H). The dam is equipped also with a fish lock/lift. The reservoir is located immediately downstream of the Alqueva dam which is multipurpose reservoir for irrigation (326 km of open channels, 9 main pump stations) and hydropower (2 * 130 MW pump-turbines). View from right bank on 4 Sept. 2006.


4 Sept. 2006


Hubert Chanson, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia

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Pedrogao dam, Moura (Portugal, 2006) (2)