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Oscillating jet flow

Oscillating jet flow


The experiment was carried out at the Hydraulics laboratory of RomaTre University. The temporal evolution of an oscillating jet flow developing downstream of a drop structure is shown. The oscillating jet is a transition flow condition between a surface wave jet flow (undular jump) and a submerged jet flow (hydraulic jump). In Figure a) a surface wave jet is shown: a main downstream flow is positioned close to the water surface, while close to the bottom an upstream flow moves the sand on the apron. In Figure b) and c) the surface wave jet changes into a submerged jet with a downstream flow close to the bottom, which moves the sand downstream, and an upstream flow close to the water surface. In figure d) the submerged jet is changed again into a surface wave jet.


Claudia Adduce


Adduce C. and La Rocca M., 2006, Local scouring due to turbulent water jets downstream of a trapezoidal drop: laboratory experiments and stability analysis, Water Resources Research. 42, W02405, doi:10.1029/2005WR004139.