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Impulse wave – wave propagation (7)

Impulse wave - wave propagation (7)


This photo shows a subaerial landslide generated impulse wave in a hydraulic model at VAW. The wave profiles are measured with Capacitance Wave Gages CWG. The test parameters are: still water depth 0.300 m slide thickness 0.235 m slide impact velocity 6.66 m/s bulk slide volume 0.0334 m3 bulk slide density 1,634 kg/m3 grain density 2,745 kg/m3 slide mass 54.6 kg grain diameter 4 mm slide impact angle 90° slide width 0.500 m The primary impulse wave is at about 6.5 m away from the slide impact location. Subaerial landslide generated impulse waves decay fast which may be observed from the wet back wall zone.


Hubert Chanson, Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia

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