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Impulse wave – wave propagation (6)

mpulse wave - wave propagation (6)


This photo shows a subaerial landslide generated impulse wave in a hydraulic model at VAW. The wave profiles are measured with Capacitance Wave Gages CWG. The test parameters are: still water depth 0.300 m slide thickness 0.235 m slide impact velocity 6.66 m/s bulk slide volume 0.0334 m3 bulk slide density 1,634 kg/m3 grain density 2,745 kg/m3 slide mass 54.6 kg grain diameter 4 mm slide impact angle 90° slide width 0.500 m Due to the large wave height, the impulse wave behaves as a spilling breaker wave type with a white cap at about 5.5 m from the slide impact location.


Hubert Chanson, Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia

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