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Fundamental Principles of Flows (Hunter Rouse)

Downoad the script of FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF FLOW by Hunter Rouse


Basic concepts and physical relationships of fluid motions - (0:00 to 10:40)
Flow patterns – velocity vectors, streamlines, pathlines, streaklines –, local and convective acceleration, relative motion, continuity relationship, vorticity, circulation, rotational and irrotational flow, flow net
Flow dynamics - (10:42 to 22:15)
Flow acceleration and pressure-velocity relationship for non-uniform states of motion, dynamic and static pressure, principle for simple instruments for the measurement of velocity, pressure and rate of flow, separation, cavitation, integration of the continuity, momentum, and energy equation, propulsion


Hunter Rouse


Courtesy of Dr Marian Muste, IIHR - Hydroscience & Engineering, University of Iowa.

Additional notes

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