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Form Drag, Lift, and Propulsion (Hunter Rouse)

Download Script of the Film FORM DRAG, LIFT, AND PROPULSION by Hunter Rouse


Drag force: Boundary layer separation (onset, control, examples), variation of the pressure distribution and drag force with body form, flow patterns, drag coefficient - (0:00 to 8:48); Flow circulation: Definition, lift force, cross thrust, forced vibration, structural failures - (8:50 to 13:30); Lift force and lifting vanes: Lift coefficient, lift force, stall, optimum drag/lift force ratio - (13:31 to 16:27); Propulsion: Thrust, propellers, axial-flow machinery, fluid couplings, torque converters - (16:28 to 22:47)


Hunter Rouse


Courtesy of Dr Marian Muste, IIHR - Hydroscience & Engineering, University of Iowa.

Additional notes

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