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Fluid Motion in a Gravitational Field (Hunter Rouse)

Download Script of the Film FLUID MOTION IN A GRAVITATIONAL FIELD by Hunter Rouse


Gravity action on liquid flows: Gravity effects, hydrostatic pressure distribution, fluid-body rotation,  confined flow, Bernoulli equation, hydraulic and energy grade lines, liquid jets, free-surface outflows, overflow, and underflow, specific energy in open-channel flow, Froude number (0:00 to 12:00); Gravitational waves: Wave characteristics, wave propagation [including aspects of generation, celerity, reflection, stability, reduction to steadiness], type of waves [includes oscillatory, standing , solitary, surge, the hydraulic jump], oceanic and atmospheric wave processes driven by saline or thermal effects (12:01 to 22:34)


Hunter Rouse


Courtesy of Dr Marian Muste, IIHR - Hydroscience & Engineering, University of Iowa.

Additional notes

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