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Enshu coast, Takatoyo beach – Japan (5)

Enshu coast, Takatoyo beach - Japan (5)


Enshu coast, Aichi prefecture (Japan). The Enshu coast, or Enshu-nada, is located on the Pacific Ocean in Central Honshu. The coastline extends from Omae Cape (Omae-zaki) to Irago Cape (Irago-zaki). The Western section of the Enshu coast, located between the Tenryu river (Tenryu-gawa) and Irago Cape, is called Omote beach or Omote-hama. SE winds and surfing waves on 14 March 1999 at Takatoyo beach. Note the surfers (i.e. "black spots”).


Hubert Chanson, Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia

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