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Effects of Fluid Compressibility (Hunter Rouse)

Download Script of the Film EFFECTS OF FLUID COMPRESSIBILITY by Hunter Rouse


Wave generation in fluids: Compressibility, analogy between gravitational and elastic waves, effects on fluid patterns, elastic waves, surges, water and blood hammer, isothermal and adiabatic departure from the constant-density flow (0:00 to 9:27); Shock waves: Analogy with two-dimensional patterns produced by concentric waves, analogy with the surge in open channel flow, Schlierern measurements applied to the subsonic and supersonic flows around simple body forms - sphere, plate, cylinder-and lifting vanes (9:28 to 15:36)


Hunter Rouse


Courtesy of Dr Marian Muste, IIHR - Hydroscience & Engineering, University of Iowa.

Additional notes

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