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Bassin de Latone, Château de Versailles – France

Bassin de Latone, Ch√¢teau de Versailles - France


Bassin de Latone, Ch√¢teau de Versailles (France, 1670). Grandes eaux in June 1998. Designed in 1670 by G. MARSY (French sculptor, 1625-1681), the statue of Latone (mother of the Gods Apollon and Diane) is in marble. The fountain and statue represents Latone with her children. While drinking, she was insulted by the peasants of Lycie: she asked Jupiter to punish the peasants and to transform them in aquatic animals. The lower levels of the fountain represent some of the aquatic animals. The Bassin de Latone is located in the Jardin du Ch√¢teau de Versailles, between the Chateau and the Grand Canal.


June 1998


Hubert Chanson, Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia

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