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Atlantic wall, Plage du Val-André – France (2)

Atlantic wall, Plage du Val-André - France (2)


Atlantic wall (Mur de l'Atlantique) along French coastlines. Plage du Val-André, Côtes d'Armor (Bretagne, France). The 2 km long beach was protected by at least 3 concrete bunker systems. One series of bunker was located at the Pointe des Murs Blancs; it include a casemate for machine gun and probably a larger bunker above. There was a concrete bunker (blockhaus) about middle of the beach (presently rue des Bignons), and there was a bunker system at Pointe de Pléneuf (also called Château-Tanguy) with an observation post overlooking both Plage du Val-André and Plage des Vallées. Looking NE at the Val-André beach from the casemate at high tide on 18 Apr. 2004.


Hubert Chanson, Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia

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