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Atlantic wall, Aber Wrac’h – France (3)

Atlantic wall, Aber Wrac'h - France (3)


Atlantic wall (Mur de l'Atlantique) along French coastlines. Aber Wrac'h, Pays du Léon, Bretagne, France. The entrance of the Aber Wrac'h was protected by several fortifications. At least two bunkers were located on Fort de Cézon, and there were several small bockhaus on the left entrance banks. One unusual bunker covered both entrances of Aber Wrac'h and Aber Benoit. Observation bunker on 22/04/2004 covering the entrances of both Aber Benoir and Aber Wrac'h (mid ebb tide); the previous bunker is in background.


Hubert Chanson, Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia

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